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January 29, 2009 by · No Comments · flirting

Attracting and dating younger hippy chicks is not as difficult as you might think. They less materialistic, less status conscious, and not as motivated by money as career-minded girls. And they are much more open-minded about relationships.

The first thing to consider when looking for a hippy chick is knowing where she’s going to be. Since you know she’s into eco-friendly goods and fair-trade ethics, look for the coffee shops, book stores, organic food stores, and boutiques where they cater to this industry. Also, consider taking up yoga.

Know what eco-issues are current. Just check the daily paper, or do a search on the internet. There are tons of issues being considered today. If you’re overwhelmed by all of them, look at a few to be versed in. When an issue comes up that you don’t know about, all you have to do is be honest and say “I don’t know enough about that to share with you”. She will actually get excited and tell you what’s going on.

Here are some things to remember when looking to attract a hippy chick

1) Don’t use plastic bags. Buy an inexpensive cloth bag that you keep in your car or pocket for when you shop.

2) Get a travel mug for coffee or tea and a reusable bottle for water.

3) Use public transportation or ride a bike for getting around town. Keep the car for out of town driving only.

4) Don’t wear leather. Buy organic clothing when possible.

When you do date a hippy chick, think about where you’re going to take her. Independent coffee shops are small and carry organic bakery items. Little restaurants where the cuisine has a lot of organic ingredients. This will usually be authentic Indian, Middle Eastern, or Thai cuisine. Or, even try out a vegetarian restaurant.

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Attracting A Woman

January 28, 2009 by · No Comments · pick up lines

Attracting a woman has an ultimate goal. The best way to know that you’ve achieved that goal is when you find yourself being invited back to her place, hopefully to spend the night. Most guys think it’s hard to actually convince a girl to spend the night with them. Why try? Why not get them to invite you to spend the night instead?

The thing women hate the most is someone thinking that they’re easy or that they’re a slut. They want sex as much as we do but they can’t stand someone thinking ‘badly’ of them. Keep this in mind while you’re headed for your goal. Make her feel special. Make her feel relaxed. Let her know you respect her as a person.

Don’t make obvious comments about having sex. You both know you want that but women love word games. They love verbal foreplay. Their minds fill in the blanks so be a little vague on sexual matters. Be sure to insinuate toy with the concept verbally but keep them guessing. It heightens their sexual desires and makes you much more of a score for them.

If it’s time to part and she still hasn’t invited you back to her place you might teasingly let her know that you’d like to spend more time with her. By pulling out the ‘puppy-dog eyes’ to let her know you’re clearly teasing you can say something that makes her know this. If it fails to work at the very least it should get you a quick date where you’ll have a second chance.

Remember, pressurizing her will backfire on you. Allow her to the freedom to take her time. Just as when she’s having sex she’ll want to take her time. Give her time to reel you in; to invite you back to her inner sanctum. After all, if you have the patience for a fish when you’re fishing this catch ought to be given even more time! ;)

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Some Women Just Don’t Get Attracted Too Easy!

January 27, 2009 by · No Comments · pick up lines

There are some types of women that you just never want to date. These are the women who are the stuff that your nightmares are made of. You know the type. This is the one name fits all type: Broadzilla!

There are four basic categories these women fall into. In no particular order here they are:

1. Marital
2. Jealous
3. Clingy
4. Nutty

Marital Mary

The marital type is looking for a husband not a date. She’s got everything planned out to the name of your 5th child! Everything she says and does leads the conversation toward marriage and family. You have to attach this behavior head on. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate for a moment.

When she brings up marriage inappropriately soon be sure to let her know right away that you’re no where near ready for that. Give her a definite time frame for when you’ll be ready to TALK, not to get married, just to talk.

Stick to your time frame. If she pressurizes you and doesn’t respect your decision it’s time to end the relationship. If she doesn’t respect your wishes now, she never will.

Jealous Janet

The jealous type has been burned in the past and the wound is so deep that she can’t get past the pain. You’re guilty simply because someone else did something she perceived as bad. Honesty is the best way to deal with her.

Have a serious conversation in which you point out that you didn’t do anything wrong. Make it clear to her that no relationship can survive without trust. Explain that you must have the freedom to talk with females other than her both in work situations and in friendships. If she wants a relationship she’ll work on respecting your rights. If she doesn’t respect your rights it’s time to consider ending the relationship.

Clingy Chloe

Clingy women never give you any space. They invade your privacy at every turn. They need constant reinforcement. They are the ultimate high-maintenance chick. The best way to effectively deal with a woman like this is to set her down and respectfully lay down the law. Make certain she knows you’re busy and that you have a life beyond her. Let her know that while you want to have a relationship with her it will be impossible if she continues to be so clingy. If she doesn’t respect that then you’ll need to exit this relationship asap for your own sanity.

Nutty Nancy

These women will frustrate you so badly that you’ll want to insult them. Your natural instinct may be to put them down, argue, yell. Don’t do it. They play all sorts of head-games. Make the choice to opt out of the games. Instead of falling prey to the games and the mood swings simply state your position and move on.

When, not if, you get tired of all the crap she never ceases to throw in your face you need to leave. This type of woman only produces destruction in her own life and the lives of those around her. Make the healthy choice of leaving sooner than later.

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Women Want Men!

January 26, 2009 by · No Comments · flirting

There’s a difference between the guy who jumps around acting drunk all night and the guy who ends up between the sheets with the hot girl from the volleyball team.

Both types of guys start off their night seemingly the same.

Smiles, laughs, fun, a few drinks.

But at some point in the night – the two split ways.

One type of guy gets laid – the other type of guy gets pizza and maybe some mozzarella sticks :(

Now, I’m not hating on mozzarella sticks at all btw, i think they are amazing – but like anything else in life, they have their time and their place.

So what’s the difference?

It’s the ability to lead.

The guys that can lead can get people to follow.

Those that cannot lead, simply can’t.

Can you lead a group of guys to a late night bar spot?

Will they listen to you?

Or will you “go with the flow”

More importantly…

Can you lead a girl to the bedroom?

Or do you just hope for the best?

Leadership makes the difference on campus.

A girl sees you leading = attraction.

A girl notices you are leading your conversation with her = attraction.

You lead a girl to the bedroom = fun time.

So today’s lesson?


In all situations, take it upon yourself to lead.

To make things happen.

Get the plans going.

Lead conversations confidently.

Get comfortable being the new you.

Lead and the girls will follow.

Keep on rockin’,

PS A huge section of the conquer your campus manual is dedicated to developing you as a leader and showing you quick, easy ways to be come the type of guy who naturally finds himself leading.

You can check it out by clicking here…

You won’t be sorry with your decision to get the book, especially when you started to see results immediately.

And if you not,just let me know and I’ll get your every last penny back to you. No worries.

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Questions For The Dating Coach

January 24, 2009 by · No Comments · pick up lines

My best friend Jim is in trouble. He needs a Mack Intervention. He hasn’t hooked up in over a year. He says he’s fed up with playing “the game”…and with the shitty luck he’s had, I can’t say I blame him. He’s been dumped, cheated on, and stood up more times than I can remember.

When I’m able to coax him to come out for a beer, he can’t even bring himself to talk to women. It’s like his spirit has been broken. He’s formed this attitude that all women are bitches—especially the good-looking ones—and he’d rather just avoid the pain.

I just need to get my buddy laid. It doesn’t need to be a hottie. Can you suggest some pickup tactics, or a place to take him, so that I can break him out of his slump?

- Billy, Connecticut

* * * * *

Dean Cortez here with some Tactical advice…

As for your desire to get your pal laid, you’ve got good intentions but you wouldn’t really be doing him any favors. In his emotional state, a one-night stand or a “happy ending” at the massage parlor might be the last thing he needs.

What Jim needs to learn is the art of how to attract women. Once he does, he’ll be operating with an advantage instead of a disadvantage. Instead of letting women judge and reject him, he will be attracting more women into his life constantly.

M.A.C.K. Tactics is about arming men with a set of tools and skills that they can use forever. Because make no mistake: once you do enter into a relationship, it’s still important for you to remain a confident, masculine, attractive man to your girlfriend or wife. Once you start slipping back into your “old” ways, that’s when she’ll start to tune out, and all kinds of problems develop.

As the saying goes, “You can give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Or, you can teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

I’d have to say most guys don’t believe they have what it takes to attract women. This is the status quo among single men, even though they might be able to fake a certain level of confidence. These guys aren’t always misfits who are totally clueless and awkward around women. They could be that crew of well-dressed guys standing around at the nightclub, who look like they’re out to meet girls and make something happen tonight, but in reality they fully expect to go home alone. (Since that’s what happens every time they go out.)

I can understand why so many guys lose heart. I wouldna’t show up at my job every day with a great attitude if I hadn’t gotten a paycheck in months. For guys who don’t understand how to attract women, it becomes demoralizing. Hanging around in bars and clubs and trying to meet girls, and getting shot down, is always painful. Or, taking a girl on a date and trying to be nice and charming for two hours, and then never seeing her again because she’s just “too busy” to hang out…despite your repeated phone calls and emails.

Why should these guys continue to approach women and risk their self-esteem, or any more of their time and money, when there is seldom any reward?

The answer is to abandon your old ways, and your old mentality, and become a Mack.  The Mack never operates from a position of fear or anxiety, because he understands how attraction works.

You can learn a bunch of different pickup lines or “routines” that will help break the ice with women. You can have a great sense of humor. You can even have the looks of a Chippendale dancer and drive a Ferrari. But when you don’t understand how the art of attraction works, women are never going to respond to you in a deep, powerful way.

Will the Chippendale get attention from women? Sure. Some women will eagerly hand over their phone numbers, go on dates with him, and perhaps sleep with him because he’s got those superficial qualities that women are taught to think are “attractive.”

But if he doesn’t understand how to project the key masculine qualities that women respond to on an instinctual feminine level, even a guy with looks and money is going to wind up alone and ignored, just like regular guys. You’d be surprised how many decent-looking, wealthy men are out there, struggling to find a quality woman who wants them for anything other than their money—because they don’t know how to stimulate real attraction in women, and they don’t know how to talk to women.

Consider the average guy. If you sat him down on his living room couch next to a beautiful woman, he’d be utterly clueless about how to make her feel attraction for him. Instead he will do exactly what she expects him to do.

He’ll be really nice and do things to please her, while hoping that if they spend enough time together, she’ll eventually realize that he’d be a great boyfriend.

Unfortunately, this will never happen. What happens is that within the first minute or two, she realizes that she is NOT into this guy, and she starts figuring out her “exit strategy” to get away from him.

The Mack, on the other hand, understands how to “build a bridge” with her through creative conversation, and then escalate the situation to a physical level. He does it in a smooth, subtle way so that it never feels rushed or forced. Everything that happens feel like a natural progression.

Most importantly, he does not operate from a position of scarcity and need. (“I don’t want to rush things and screw it up, because who knows when I’ll have another chance with a girl this hot?”)

Instead, he operates from a position of confidence and abundance. (“I have plenty of options, and women find me attractive. I’m enjoying getting to know this girl, so I’ll go with the flow and see if she’s right for me.”)

The good news is that there are proven methods, and an actual step-by-step process, for making women feel attraction for you. Take a look at and you can download a free 80-page book called the S.W.A.T. Guide (Secret Weapons & Attraction Tactics) that will get you started on the right path.

There’s no sense in wasting another night, or any more of your money, playing “the game” the way every other guy does. If you’re ready to start dating the women you deserve—and the women who deserve you—it’s time to Go Tactical.

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Attracting Girls?

January 24, 2009 by · No Comments · pick up lines

People wear hats for different reasons. A hat may be worn for religious beliefs, for safety, as a fashion accessory and other reasons.

In the past, hats were an indicator of social status. Men were considered incredibly rude if they did not remove their hats in the presence of a lady.

Today men are wearing hats more often that they used to in the past. Nowadays it’s not unusual to see a man wearing a hat for various occasions. It could be for a night on the town, dinner and dancing, ordinary activities or a day on the beach. It’s also possible to see a man in a business suit wearing a hat.

A men’s hat keep a man’s face cool and comfortable in the summer months. In winter hats protect men from the dangers of exposure to sunlight. Exposure to the sun can age the skin, so hats can protect them from ultraviolet rays.

Nowadays there is a variety of men’s hats to choose from, and selecting one can be difficult. Men should choose the kind of hat that corresponds to their personalities and with which they feel at ease.

Most men give their preference to stetson hats. Stetson hats are a recognized brand of hats in the world. Stetson hats are produced in hundreds of styles and colors. They are created from natural materials, often crafted from wool, fur and straw for easy wear throughout any season.

Some men prefer fur hats. Fur hats are excellent for watching a favorite football team in a stadium during the winter.

Fur hats are made from animals, which is why they are extremely soft, comfortable and warm. Fur hats are also fashionable. People who live in colder climates or are vacationing in frigid areas wear fur hats. They enjoy the warmth and style provided by a fur hat.

Fur hats are eye-catching. If you are a man who wants to attract women’s attention, wear a glamorous fur hat.

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Set Goals To Attract Women

January 24, 2009 by · No Comments · pick up lines

You see, if you are creating targets with women and reaching them, that is undoubtedly going to help anyone’s confidence. But, if you’ve made some goals you considered to be extremely important and were not able to achieve them this can have a reverse effect and the negative outcome will be a lack of self-belief, believing you will never get anywhere with women which in turn becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. You don’t reach the goals, so you begin to believe that you will never be able to achieve them, then you never do.

Does this happen for everyone? Absolutely not.

Many people will bounce back, become more determined and put more effort into their goals until they have completed their objectives. However, a large amount of guys want all of their success immediately and aren’t willing to work for it.

Instead of working on their inner game, which is the key element to seducing women, they will instead go out there and try to “fake it until they make it”. This is a mistake, friends., while you may get some success this way, it will not be the type of success you want.

Almost anybody can go out and get laid, but which type of guy will influence which type of girl. As seduction artists we should hold our standards as high as we hold our own self-esteem. Pursuing girls who are easily influenced by guys of lesser quality who lack any goals of their own, only serves to damage our self esteem and integrity. Whether the girl you are in pursuit of is for one night or a whole relationship you should never take the scraps.

If we were to only pursue easily attainable women without using any of our seduction skills and having underlying insecurities that we attempt to ignore about ourselves (our inner game), you could for instance, go out in the field, get 100 numbers in a week and you will still have the very same insecurities you started with. Out of those 100, not all of them are going to be girls you are interested in and a lot of them will also have given a fake number, flake out on dates, not return your calls, and the list goes on.

This will, ultimately, not leave you with many options, making your exercise useful in part by teaching you how to number close with little effort, but ultimately not getting you anywhere with your insecurities or attracting and seducing women. This can lead to more frustration and a defeatist attitude so it’s best to make your goals realistic and attainable.

The way to set realistic goals is say for instance you are bad at getting numbers, instead of making it your goal to get a huge amount of numbers, make it your goal to find the root of the problem. If you are bad at number closing and you know it’s because you have some insecurities, by all means still go out, talk to girls and number close if you have the opportunity, but in this instance it would probably be a bad move to aim for a significantly high amount of numbers. Instead set smaller goals and use them as stepping stones to overcome your insecurities before you take big leaps.

Do not take the easy way out, deal with your issues and you will be rewarded with fine women.

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Hygiene For Attraction

January 23, 2009 by · No Comments · pick up lines

Poor hygiene will really turn a single woman off or any person for that matter. Keep your hair and teeth clean and your breath fresh. Be sure and bathe, wear good cologne, and wear a good deodorant. Don’t forget to shave either. Be aware that facial hair will make you look older. Also, most single women are not attracted to beards. If you insist on wearing a beard, keep it neatly trimmed.

If you are going bald or have a receding hairline, don’t try to disguise it by combing it a certain way. This makes you look silly. Women are not going to judge you because of your lack of hair. If you’re getting thin on top, just cut your hair short all over. This will give you the appearance of having more hair.

Another word about hair. If you have a chest or back like a hairy gorilla, trim it. Too much hair turns off the majority of women. A word about gray or graying hair. This can attract single women like a magnet, provided that you have a slender body to match it. If you’re overweight, she will see you as just a fat old man, which will be a turn off and don’t die your hair either because this is not good for your image either.

If you are an older man, wear your hair short. It will make you look younger. Study the models in the magazines for some nice hairstyle ideas. Finally, it won’t hurt to have a nice tan either. Women love the beach, so it will certainly help for you to have that tanned beach-hunk look.

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Vital Attraction

January 21, 2009 by · No Comments · flirting

Most dating methods seem to suggest that the first thing you must do when you see a woman you would like to meet is to simply go up to her and “start a chat” or “break the ice” with her.. We use the term to deliver an “opener.” However this is a very weak notion as women decide whether or not they even want us to “open” them, let alone attract them and seduce them, well before we open our mouths.

They make this determination on our non verbal mannerisms and decipher whether or not they are indicative of an alpha male or a beta male. If you exhibit beta mannerisms (nervousness, poor style, no social proof from other women, are pinned as a follower and not the tribal leader amongst men) then not even the coolest line will work as a woman doesn’t want to be “opened by and attracted to” a beta male. Conversely, if you exhibit alpha mannerisms (which we’ll outline shortly )then any line will work as a woman will know that she is being opened by a “high survival value exhibiting” alpha male. In other words, This will also increase the probability that she will be open to being attracted to you and even seduced by you.

So what are the non verbal mannerisms of an alpha male-we need to exhibit once we enter a social venue?

  1. Have a great smile when you speak -A smile conveys confidence and coolness.
  2. Dominant and powerful body language-This means have a cool, relaxed stance, take up space when you walk, speak with a loud dominant voice, make eye contact with everyone, have a sly, playful smile when you interact with others as this shows that you are non-reactive to people.
  3. Social Proof from other women-Engage women in conversation and let your target set
    see that you are attractive to other women.
  4. Dominate other men-Be the most nonreactive, coolest, best dressed, most confident male in any given social venue.
  5. Have a unique style-Remember women do judge you on your style as part of your “pre-opener non verbal social value” so make sure it stands out and in fact screams out at them.

The other thing that most dating methods don’t tell you is that just because you attract a woman, that does not mean she is “sexually attracted to you” and will want to sleep with you. See most men are good at generating some superficial IOI’s(Indicators of Interest) from a woman, but don’t ignite sexual attraction within her.

This is because they are doing most of the talking, while the woman hasn’t invested anything emotionallyNu hon into the conversation, and the rule of sexual attraction is that a woman will never feel “sexual attraction” for you, if she feels you are doing all the work and putting forth most of the effort into the interaction with her. She must feel as though she is also investing something emotionally into it. Another reason we need to get a woman to chase us is because she will NOT sleep with us until she feels she is conforming to the societal rule that :

Although men court/chase , women make the choice if/when sex should occur. Anytime a woman feels that choice is being made for her, you will get blown out! So we have to give her the impression that she is pursuing us for sex, as much as we are with her.


We do this by, once again making her pursue us and invest in the interaction with us.

So how do we do this?

By hooking her into chasing us. Think about it, how else would a woman justify that her feelings towards us are those of sexual attraction unless she knew that she would chase us or would feel a loss if we withdrew our presence. One of the best ways to get a woman to pursue us is to “falsely disqualify” ourselves from her and subtly distract or divert our attention away from her .

Some examples of false disqualification are:

“You better go, I bet your friends are waiting for you”
“I’m too extroverted for you”

is this love?See in essence, we are pushing her away and that is so against the grain of what she is used to. This will throw her off balance and cause her to question her attractiveness and sexiness. She will then chase us to redeem her status as God’s specimen of heavenly perfection. Consequently this chasing dynamic will make her feel raw sexual attraction for us.

Some examples of diverting my attention of her would be:

1) Look at other women subtly as she is talking to me
2) Act like I am getting bored.

This will also create a chase dynamic with a woman as it will put a sense of uncertainty inside her mind that she is the sh-t, since we are displaying such an indifferent, care-free attitude towards her. This will make her logically infer that we must be bored of her or don’t find her attractive. Once again, as a result, this will create a need for her to want to win us over, to redeem her self-esteem and ultimately this will make her feel “sexual” attraction towards us.

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How To Attract a Woman

January 20, 2009 by · No Comments · pick up lines

Most guys have to put on at least a little bit of front when they’re talking to attractive women, that is, if their goal is to attract them. But some guys…a rare minority…just seem to genuinely not care when they’re faced with the prospect of conversing with one, two, three or any number of women. It’s not just a show—they really aren’t fazed. Do you know what gives these guys that ability? It’s experience. And not just experience with women, it’s all kinds of experience. That’s what this lesson is about today. Experience is king.

Every experience you have changes the physiology of your brain. Your brains wiring is changing as you read this sentence. You’re becoming a different person in a very subtle, undetectable way. You could say that the bigger and more memorable your life’s experiences are, the more they change you. It’s not about improvement or deterioration though—it’s just change. How does this concept relate to attracting women? Well, the theory goes roughly like this. The more experiences you have, the more complex and solid your personality becomes. You know more because you’ve done more. And because you’ve done more, you’re more capable of handling yourself in a variety of situations.   Let’s use an imaginary 25 year old guy as an example. He has been to high school and been to college. He’s been on three vacations in his life, one to Canada, one to Mexico and one to New York. Two of those vacations happened before he was 16. He’s had two girlfriends. Forgetting what the finer details of his personality are, what do you think his experiences has taught him? He’s seen foreign soil, which was probably quite interesting. He’s also, of course, done other stuff on a small scale that has affected his persona. He was on the football team for 5 years. He watches a lot of movies. You get the idea. Normal stuff.

Now let’s imagine how much stronger and experienced he would be if he were to do some of the following:

- Go to India for 3 months and help the locals build a village

- Join a free acting class

- Start going out much more often to clubs with friends

- Start reading more books on a variety of subjects

- Join a gym and start working out

It doesn’t matter too much what the activities he chooses are. What matters is that he is multiplying his number of day-to-day experiences. And every one of those experiences adds to his character, making it more varied and interesting. He becomes stronger. The alternative to this character-enriching approach is living a life in which he goes to work, comes home, watches some TV, goes out with friends twice a month, sometimes reads but sometimes doesn’t…he doesn’t push the boat out. You must always be striving to experience new things if you want to build your character and personality enough to be able to walk through a bar or nightclub and feel totally at ease. The more you do, the simpler this one action becomes.

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