Vital Attraction

Most dating methods seem to suggest that the first thing you must do when you see a woman you would like to meet is to simply go up to her and “start a chat” or “break the ice” with her.. We use the term to deliver an “opener.” However this is a very weak notion as women decide whether or not they even want us to “open” them, let alone attract them and seduce them, well before we open our mouths.

They make this determination on our non verbal mannerisms and decipher whether or not they are indicative of an alpha male or a beta male. If you exhibit beta mannerisms (nervousness, poor style, no social proof from other women, are pinned as a follower and not the tribal leader amongst men) then not even the coolest line will work as a woman doesn’t want to be “opened by and attracted to” a beta male. Conversely, if you exhibit alpha mannerisms (which we’ll outline shortly )then any line will work as a woman will know that she is being opened by a “high survival value exhibiting” alpha male. In other words, This will also increase the probability that she will be open to being attracted to you and even seduced by you.

So what are the non verbal mannerisms of an alpha male-we need to exhibit once we enter a social venue?

  1. Have a great smile when you speak -A smile conveys confidence and coolness.
  2. Dominant and powerful body language-This means have a cool, relaxed stance, take up space when you walk, speak with a loud dominant voice, make eye contact with everyone, have a sly, playful smile when you interact with others as this shows that you are non-reactive to people.
  3. Social Proof from other women-Engage women in conversation and let your target set
    see that you are attractive to other women.
  4. Dominate other men-Be the most nonreactive, coolest, best dressed, most confident male in any given social venue.
  5. Have a unique style-Remember women do judge you on your style as part of your “pre-opener non verbal social value” so make sure it stands out and in fact screams out at them.

The other thing that most dating methods don’t tell you is that just because you attract a woman, that does not mean she is “sexually attracted to you” and will want to sleep with you. See most men are good at generating some superficial IOI’s(Indicators of Interest) from a woman, but don’t ignite sexual attraction within her.

This is because they are doing most of the talking, while the woman hasn’t invested anything emotionallyNu hon into the conversation, and the rule of sexual attraction is that a woman will never feel “sexual attraction” for you, if she feels you are doing all the work and putting forth most of the effort into the interaction with her. She must feel as though she is also investing something emotionally into it. Another reason we need to get a woman to chase us is because she will NOT sleep with us until she feels she is conforming to the societal rule that :

Although men court/chase , women make the choice if/when sex should occur. Anytime a woman feels that choice is being made for her, you will get blown out! So we have to give her the impression that she is pursuing us for sex, as much as we are with her.


We do this by, once again making her pursue us and invest in the interaction with us.

So how do we do this?

By hooking her into chasing us. Think about it, how else would a woman justify that her feelings towards us are those of sexual attraction unless she knew that she would chase us or would feel a loss if we withdrew our presence. One of the best ways to get a woman to pursue us is to “falsely disqualify” ourselves from her and subtly distract or divert our attention away from her .

Some examples of false disqualification are:

“You better go, I bet your friends are waiting for you”
“I’m too extroverted for you”

is this love?See in essence, we are pushing her away and that is so against the grain of what she is used to. This will throw her off balance and cause her to question her attractiveness and sexiness. She will then chase us to redeem her status as God’s specimen of heavenly perfection. Consequently this chasing dynamic will make her feel raw sexual attraction for us.

Some examples of diverting my attention of her would be:

1) Look at other women subtly as she is talking to me
2) Act like I am getting bored.

This will also create a chase dynamic with a woman as it will put a sense of uncertainty inside her mind that she is the sh-t, since we are displaying such an indifferent, care-free attitude towards her. This will make her logically infer that we must be bored of her or don’t find her attractive. Once again, as a result, this will create a need for her to want to win us over, to redeem her self-esteem and ultimately this will make her feel “sexual” attraction towards us.

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